Anhui Institute of Information Engineering held the theme series of the theme of the "Enjoy Mid -Autumn Festival" theme series celebrations

Author:Future Online Universities Time:2022.09.13

Jin Qiuyue was bright, unforgettable. Along with the fragrance of Dangui and Yulu, the "double festival" came quietly. In order to express the most sincere blessings for faculty and staff, the union of the union of the union of the school, the management of the school's branch union and the agency branch of the union hosted the theme series of the theme of the "Enjoy Mid -Autumn Festival Nostalgia", so that teachers have a warm, simple and meaningful meaningful Festivals.

On the morning of September 9th, the school's vice president Wang Zhongguo, Sun Hui, Zhang Minfeng, and leaders of the colleges used the rest time between the class and walked into the classroom to send them beautiful for teachers who had been working silently and selflessly in the front line of education and teaching. Flowers, giving them holiday greetings and good wishes. Thanks to their hard work and contributions to the development of the school for their growth. The concerns of concerns, true blessings, and peaceful communication make the classroom full of tenderness and movement.

On the evening of September 10, in the A32 multifunctional lecture hall, the "Yuanjuxin Workers, a total of the full moon" activity was held. Zhang Minfeng, Vice President, Lu Xiaoli, Wang Cheng, and staff members of the school participated together.

At the beginning of the event, Zhang Minfeng took the stage and delivered a sincere holiday blessing to all faculty on behalf of the school. At the scene, Zhang Minfeng and Lu Xiaoli jointly conducted a custom moon cake sharing ceremony. The faculty and staff shared the food and watched the CCTV Mid -Autumn Festival party together. In the laughter and laughter, a meaningful Mid -Autumn Festival and Teacher's Day were spent.

The faculty and staff have said that the school union organized this event to really send the warmth of the "mother's family" and the care of the "maiden family" to the teachers' hearts. While improving their sense of happiness, gain, and belonging The hometown feelings of staying in schools during the holidays. (Correspondent: Zhang Lei, School of Information Engineering, Anhui)

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