In 2022 Shijiazhuang Community Service Institution Employment Trainee began to register

Author:Shijiazhuang Daily client Time:2022.09.21

In order to further enhance the work skills of college graduates and promote employment of graduate groups, Shijiazhuang Employment Service Center publishes 2022-2023 community service institutional employment apprenticeship information identified by Shijiazhuang City. Eligible college graduates can register voluntarily join. This time, there were 2 employment apprenticeship units of community service agencies in 2022-2023 and 60 trainees. The registration time will be 17:00 on September 22.

Those who meet the following conditions can sign up for employment trainees: unable to employment college graduates within 2 years of graduation (referring to ordinary college graduates, senior work classes, preparatory technicians, special education graduates of special education colleges, and the country Academic qualification certification returns to the country and return to the Mainland in foreign countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao); Graduation time calculation method: based on the time of graduation certificate, as of the time of the upper office, this applicant time is October 1, 2022 Essence The following situations are not allowed to register: full -time education or not obtaining a graduation certificate; registering for industrial and commercial licenses; those who have participated in enterprises to participate in the insurance; those who have participated in employment trainees before; other policies are not allowed to participate in employment trainees.

This registration work is carried out in the form of "online registration+offline qualification review". It can officially enter the job after qualification review. Online registration method: ① Log in to the Hebei People's Society APP, click "More Services", select "Employment and Entrepreneurship-Entrepreneurship Services-Promotional Post Application", search for your intention units and positions to fill in; The service platform online service lobby (, click "Personal Service-Employment and Entrepreneurship-Employment Service-Promotional Post Application", search for your intention units and posts to fill in. The above two ways of registration can be selected. The category of applicants is graduates who have not been employed in the two years after leaving the school. To avoid network congestion and full posts, please register as soon as possible.

Eligible personnel After applying for a trainee position online through any way, the person in charge of the apprenticeship unit will contact the applicant before September 23, organize offline interviews or telephone, video interviews as follows, and determine whether to hire.

Before September 30, the person in charge of the trainee unit and the agency shall determine the review time. The review location is on the human resources market of No. 48 Hua'an West Road, Qiaoxi District. If the qualification review does not meet the conditions of the trainee, the qualification for employment is canceled; the qualification review passes the personnel to sign the employment apprenticeship agreement on the spot, and the trainee unit shall submit it in the unit's web newspaper system. The trainee personnel calculate the duty time on October 1, 2022, and the visiting period is not more than 12 months. After the end of the visit, the formal labor relationship can be established.

"2022-2023 Shijiazhuang Community Service Institutions Employment Trainee Unit and Job Information Form", "Employment Trainee Application Form", "Shijiazhuang City Employment Trainee Notice" can be available on the website of Shijiazhuang Employment Service Center. Page (HTTP:/ /

Source: Shijiazhuang Daily Client

Reporter: Wang Jing

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