Implement "Orthopedic Inspection" nationwide!The National Day holiday epidemic prevention and control measures have changed!

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Implement "Orthopedic Inspection" nationwide! The National Day holiday epidemic prevention and control measures have changed!

Promote the "October Inspection" of nucleic acids nationwide

The National Day holiday in 2022 and before and after the National Day holiday

Implement "Orthopedic Inspection"

Safe and orderly

The National Day holiday was approaching in 2022, and the liquidity of personnel increased, increasing the risk of epidemic spread. On September 8th, at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, the relevant person in charge of the National Health and Health Commission stated that in order to ensure that there is no local scale before and after the National Day, the ninth edition of the ninth edition prevention and control plan was strengthened, and the ninth edition prevention and control plan was strengthened and strengthened. Optimized a series of prevention and control policies:

1. Promote the holidays of the masses during the National Day holidays, minimize cross -prefecture travel, and avoid the risk of epidemic dissemination caused by the large -scale flow of crowds.

2. Safe and orderly travel. Passengers must hold a 48 -hour kernel to detect negative proof of aircraft, high -speed rail, train, cross -provincial long -distance passenger cars, cross -provincial passenger ships and other transportation tools.

3. Promote the "landing inspection". After crossing provincial mobile personnel arrived at the destination, they immediately provided a nucleic acid detection service. The number of migrants and arrival time should be scientifically calculated scientifically. At the airport, railway station, long -distance passenger bus station, cross -provincial highway service areas, ports, passenger service areas and other places, set up sufficient nucleic acid sample points to be equipped with sufficient inspection personnel. It is convenient for the test after the arrival of across provinces, and the test will be carried out as soon as possible. In accordance with the requirements, the nucleic acid detection is completed in time, and the nucleic acid test results are included in the health code to facilitate the masses to inquire and detect the test results.

4. Check valid nucleic acid detection negative proof. When staying in hotels, hotels, and entering the tourist scenic spots, they must check the health code and 72 -hour kernel acid test negative proof.

5. Strictly restrict clustering activities. In accordance with the principle of "non -necessary and not holding", strictly restricted clustering activities such as large -scale conferences, training, exhibitions, and literary performances during the National Day holiday and before and after the National Day holiday. Adhering to "the red affairs, the simplification of the white things, the banquets are not handled, the report is reported, and everyone is tested", it is necessary to host more than 30 gathering activities. The principle of "reporting to the territorial epidemic control mechanism in advance, the territorial epidemic joint prevention joint control mechanism must be compressed and strictly approved. The participants must hold a 24 -hour kernel acid test negative certificate. Promote online worship and online visiting relatives, and minimize the risk of epidemic dissemination caused by visiting relatives and friends and family gatherings as much as possible.

These prevention and control measures were implemented from September 10th to the end of October 2022. The subsequent will be further optimized and improved according to the epidemic situation.

Since September

29 provinces reported new local infections

Since September, 29 provinces across the country have reported new local infections, and community communication and epidemic overflow in some regions have not been completely blocked, and the situation of preventing and control is severe and complicated.

In addition, the summer is over, and college students will return to school; when the National Day holiday is coming, the liquidity and gathering activities of personnel will increase, and the risk of spreading the spread of epidemic is still higher.

Places, such as aircraft, high -speed rail, bus, etc. are where people are dense, space -to -space, and prone to clustering epidemic, and the risk of spreading is high.

The implementation of the "landscape inspection" is an important measure to prevent the input -sex epidemic, and effectively promote the movement of the prevention and control mark.

48 -hour nucleic acid negative proof

Do I still need to perform a "floor inspection"?


The implementation of nucleic acids is conducive to the input risk prevention and control of landing areas, because Omikon's spread is relatively fast, and the landing detection service can be convenient and convenient for detectors to pass quickly. need.

Before travel

Do a good job of epidemic prevention

Try to reduce cross -prefecture travel, holidays on the spot, and avoid the risk of epidemic dissemination caused by the large -scale flow of crowds.

Before traveling, you must first understand the epidemic situation and prevention and control requirements of the destination. You should adjust the travel plan appropriately according to the actual situation. At the same time, we must also understand the local weather conditions and bring appropriate clothes.

After determining the destination, it is recommended to choose a hotel with good sanitary conditions and complete ventilation facilities.

Try to make an appointment and return tickets on the Internet as much as possible to avoid and reduce offline gathering.

It is recommended to complete the vaccine vaccine before travel.

Take public transportation, try not to wait for people with crowded and dirty air when waiting and waiting. It is recommended to wait at the air circulation. In addition, minimize as much as possible in waiting, waiting and eating on the way.

On the way, whether it is public transportation or self -driving, it is necessary to maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter from others.

When sneezing and cough, cover with paper towels and elbows, and clean your hands with disinfected wet towels or quick -drying hand disinfection agents in a timely manner.

It is recommended to use mobile phone payment during the journey to avoid excessive cash contact.

I often open hotel doors and windows, and work hard.

Source: Gansu Province Disease Prevention and Control Center

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