Chinese representatives urge the United States and Canada to better protect the rights of indigenous people in the economic and social recovery after the epidemic

Author:Jilin Daily Time:2022.09.30

Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, September 28th. On the 28th, Chinese representatives spoke at the annual discussion of the 51st meeting of the 51st session of the United Nations Council of Human Rights, saying that the new crown pneumonia's epidemic caused the dilemma facing the United States and Canadian indigenous people, urging the United States, the United States, and the United States, Canada better protects the rights of indigenous people in the economic and social recovery after the epidemic.

Chinese representatives pointed out that the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has exacerbated the problem of inequality, discrimination and marginalization of economic and social rights, and further caused severe challenges to the medical and health care of the indigenous community.

Chinese representatives said that the systemic discrimination and inequality of indigenous people in some countries have not improved with the implementation of the economic and social recovery plan after the epidemic. The unemployment rate of indigenous people in the United States and Alaska is much higher than that of other ethnic groups, and this gap has been further expanded in the process of economic recovery after the epidemic. According to the recent review of the UN Elimination Commission, the US Indian Health Bureau's medical resources are scarce, the food safety of indigenous people, and women's rights cannot be guaranteed. Canadian indigenous children's benefits have not been effectively guaranteed. The violence and criminal behavior against indigenous women and girls have greatly hindered the restoration of the indigenous community from the epidemic.

Chinese representatives emphasized that relevant countries should conscientiously reflect on the systemic discrimination and oppression of the country's land in terms of employment, education, medical care, judicial and social security, etc., accelerate the implementation of the "Declaration of the UN Turkish People's Rights", listen to the voice of the people of the indigenous people, and in the epidemic Later in the economic and social recovery, the rights of indigenous people can be better guaranteed.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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