A group of strong teams in the European Union may give birth to the "death group of death" in the European preliminaries

Author:Yangcheng Evening News Yangche Time:2022.09.30

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Liu Yi

The European National League and the European Cup football match is obviously the latter. After the European Union's group stage, the performance of the 2024 European Cup qualifiers was determined by the performance of various teams. The lottery ceremony will be held in Frankfurt on October 9.

There are still 24 participating teams in the next European Cup. The host Germany is directly shortlisted in the finals. The top two in the European preliminaries will qualify, and the other three entry vouchers will be generated through the playoffs.

England and Germany have previously shook hands and pictures/visual China in the European Union

The European Union is a tight -level event. The A -level team performs poorly, and the final ranking will not be lower than the B team. Therefore, the A -level team occupies the top 16, the B -level team occupies 17 to 32, the C -level team ranks 33rd to 48th, and the D -level team ranks 49th to 55th.

However, the seeds have only 10 places. The 2018 World Cup Champion France and the European Cup runner -up last year's runner -up England performed badly in the European Union. Naturally, it could not enter the top ten.

In the European Union Group stage performance rankings, Germany ranked tenth, Poland ranked 11th, and France ranked 12th. Germany does not have to participate in the European preliminaries. Poland has become the lowest -ranked team in the seed team. It just holds France. The "Gaul Rooster" has no choice but to become the highest among the second team.

Because of France, England, and Serbia and other strong teams falling into the second stage, the European preliminaries have the possibility of "death group". The Norway led by Harland and the finals of the last World Cup in Sweden are the third gear Team, "tragedy" like the Netherlands 2016 European Cup may also appear again.

The European Finals of the European Union, the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, and Italy not only become seeds, but also have special identities in the seeds -the semi -finals will not fall into three teams with 6 teams, but they must enter the enters. There are only 5 teams. The European Union semi -finals have participated in the preliminaries in the European preliminaries. It is to leave them from the schedule. Next year, they participate in the European Union semi -finals, the third runner -up battle and finals.

In addition to the host Germany did not participate in the European preliminaries, Russia was banned. The European preliminaries divided 53 teams into 6 grades. During the lottery, each group included one team of each grade.

The specific grading results are as follows:

The first gear: the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland;

The second gear: France, Austria, Czech Republic, England, Wales, Israel, Bosnia, Serbia, Scotland, Finland;

Third gear: Norway, Ukraine, Albania, Armenia, Iceland, Heishan, Ireland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden;

Fourth gear: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Farro Islands, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Turkey, North Malaysia, Kosovo;

Fifth gear: Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Belarus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Slovakia;

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