Call of the phone to handle!Jiujiang severely punish illegal acts such as "psoriasis" advertisements

Author:Jiujiang News Network Time:2022.09.21

Pat in a small "psoriasis" advertisement in the city

Not only affecting the appearance of the city

And damage the image of the city's civilization

In order to purify the city's appearance and city appearance environment

Improve urban environmental quality

Jiujiang Public Security and Urban Management Department

Put the "psoriasis" small advertisements on the stickers of chaos in accordance with the law

Wait for illegal acts to severely crack down on punishment

Copy the telecommunications department of the phone number posted illegal

Take telephone stop processing measures, restrict use

The exposure of some illegal advertising manufacturers is now announced:


Adopting the phone number and the owner of the stop processing

1. Chen Mouzhong 13970273210

2. Ke Moujian 13672253262

3. Xiong Moupeng 13177728482

4.18370283889, 8322499, 8590995, 8888568, 8590597, 8587166.

The above phone number has been suspended for small advertisements.

Warn the above machine owner: Your illegal behavior has been recorded by the law enforcement department. Please take the initiative to clean up the small advertisements posted illegally, and accept the treatment from the public security or urban management department.


Cases of advertising for small advertising for "psoriasis" for investigation and punishment

Case 1: In July 2022, Yan Mouxia (female, woman, Puyang District) of illegal actors, in order to seek customers and obtain business, illegally illegally on fire boxes in more than 20 units near the Dehua Community in Lixi District illegal Post a small advertisement. According to the provisions of Article 49 and 19 of the People's Republic of China on Public Security Management, on September 2nd, the Shili Police Station of the Lixi District Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau shall impose a fine of Yan Zhixia Yan Zhixia in accordance with the law.

Case 2: At 11 o'clock on September 1, 2022, illegal actor Gao Moufeng (male, from Cixi City, Zhejiang Province) posted illegally on the exterior wall of the parking lot next to Greater Zhongda, Puyang District. "Small advertisements violated Article 23 of the" Regulations on the Management of Urban City and City of Jiujiang City "stipulated that" prohibits on the outer wall of buildings and buildings ... stickers, paint, and portrayed. " The Urban Management Bureau of Xunyang District punished the illegal person Gao Moufeng in accordance with the law, and ordered it to clean up the small advertisements posted illegally.

Case 3: In August 2022, the inspection team of the Municipal Chuangwen Office found that the small advertisement of "psoriasis" advertisements on the wall of the Sunshine Home District of Chai Sang District rebounded seriously. After receiving a notice from the Municipal Creation Office, the bureau immediately received the case and organized an investigation in accordance with the law. The police handling the case took oral summons and temporarily stopped the small advertising number to promote the investigation to the District Public Security Bureau. On August 20th, Zhao (female, from Chai Sang District) was detained by the Chai Sang District Public Security Bureau. Due to the active investment and the plot significantly, the penalty was not punished.

The combination of "psoriasis" advertisements involved a wide range and heavy tasks, which requires the common participation of the whole society. If the citizens find a small advertisement illegally, call the public security department for reporting: 110; mailbox: 447287927 @ qq. com. The report of the urban management department: 8556101, mailbox: jjzfj_zx @ 163. com.

- END -

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