Song Yun's living word printing, playing non -heritage boom -non -heritage experimental activity

Author:Public Social Work Service Cen Time:2022.07.22

The Song Dynasty was the most creative era in Chinese history. Three of the four major inventions of ancient China were born in this period. One of them was a major innovation in the history of printing -living print printing. Recently, the Zijin Community Party Mass and Mass and Massage Center and the New Era Civilization Practice Station invited the Youth Palace of Hangzhou Shangcheng District to invite the non -genetic inheritor Wang Junying to host a classic "Song Yun Living Printing" event inheritance. The experience of "living print printing" in intangible cultural heritage.

Living printing is an ancient printing method, which was invented by long -term practice and research by ancient Chinese labor people. First make a single character -based anti -text mold, and then select the word word according to the manuscript, arrange it in the palette, print the ink, then remove the word model after printing, and use it to be used again next time.

The teacher's explanation is very detailed and vivid. From the historical culture of printing to the generation and development of printing, the children listen carefully to the lessons, and every step will remind everyone of the details and precautions for each step. Get up on the stage to demonstrate, friends strive for the opportunity to be the first person to eat crabs.

During the entire production process, the students were patiently applying ink to print around the long table. Thinking back to the points of each process that the teacher emphasized, after their own efforts, in the attempts again and again, continuously improved and improved, and finally completed their satisfaction. s work.

Everyone will put the work together to comment together. During the process, the little friends had more gains.

When people think that the ancient printing has long disappeared, there are still handicrafts inherited this technology. In the daily ritual typesetting career, they are attached to their skills, and they also guard the starlight of the Chinese civilization. Although technology has gradually become old, art has remained.

Through this live print printing activity, the friends have gained knowledge, learned non -heritage culture, improved their ability to use them, and used good use in the comments. One activity allowed students to gain a lot. Parents also feedback. To participate more, it is really good. The Zijin Community Party and Mass Service Center also wants to continue to show you more beauty of China, the soul of China.

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