Linxia, Gansu: Guaguo Fragrance "Feng" scenery is picturesque

Author:Linxiazhou Radio and TV Statio Time:2022.09.01

At the current season of the harvest of the melon fruit, the dragon fruit and melon in Dazhuang Village, Dazhuang Town, Linxia City have matured a large area and entered the picking period. Entering the fruits and vegetable planting bases of Dazhuang Village, Zheqiao Town, the melons and fruits in the white greenhouse are fragrant, refreshing, and the breath of harvest everywhere.

Recently, the reporter saw in the dragon fruit greenhouse in Dazhuang Village, Qiaoqiao Town, Linxia City that a "cactus" like a "cactus" was wrapped in each other. Essence In the melon greenhouse, the green melon seedlings are connected to the rolling melon, looming under the melon leaves, and the villagers are shuttled in it, busy cleaning up weeds and pruning vines, and a busy scene.

At the same time, in order to promote the development of tourism picking agriculture, the base has also planted peppers, eggplants, etc. for tourism picking. Everyone can experience the fun of picking while eating fruits and vegetables. "Our dragon fruit and melon have matured one after another. Now it is the season of picking. Welcome to pick it up." Chen Shengli, the head of Yisheng Cooperative in Qiaoqiao Town, Linxia City, said.

It is reported that in recent years, the Zheqiao Town of Xiashi City has established a foothold advantage, continuously optimized the agricultural industry layout, adjusted the agricultural industry structure, and vigorously developed characteristic agriculture. Today, the "South Fruit and North Seed" allows the general public to enjoy fresh tropical fruits at their doorsteps, enjoy the fun of picking, and will continue to effectively help farmers to increase their income and become rich.

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