Chengdu Real Estate Registration Center orderly restore the registration business

Author:Chengdu Daily Jinguan Time:2022.09.15

Today, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Real Estate Registration Center that the Chengdu Real Estate Registration Jinjiang Permit and the Green Sheep's Period have resumed external services in an orderly manner from 12:00 on September 15th. The licenses will be resumed in an orderly manner from September 16.

service hours:

The Announcement on the Order of Request Refers to Request Real Estate Registration Services stated that the center of the restoration of external services is from Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays) and Saturday delay services. The time is: 9: 00-17: 00.

Precautions on the spot

△ Anyone with yellow code, red code, or fever, cough, dry pharyngeal, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms and persons with recent high -risk areas are strictly forbidden to enter the real estate registration service hall.

△ Strictly implement the epidemic prevention measures, please consciously wear a mask in the real estate registration service hall, actively cooperate with the body temperature measurement, show the health code, scan the yard and 48 -hour nucleic acid negative certificate.

△ When applying for business, keep a social distance of more than 1 meter and queue in order as required.

△ After the business is completed, please leave the service hall in time to reduce the retention time and the gathering of personnel.

Promote online processing

Due to the relatively dense personnel of the real estate registration service hall, it is recommended that you log in to Chengdu Real Estate Registration Online Office (, "Chengdu Real Estate Registration" WeChat public account, "Tianfu Citizen Cloud" APP, "Tianfu Rongyi" WeChat applet, business consulting and business through non -contact mode Apply.

Kind tips

Golden Bull District's license, Wuhou District's license point, Chenghua District's licenses will be notified separately.

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