Holgos Port has exceeded 5,000 in the border train this year

Author:Tianshan.com Time:2022.09.20

Pomegranate/Xinjiang Daily (Reporter 逯 石 石 石 石 石) The reporter learned from the China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd.: As of September 19 this year, the EU (Central Asia) trains (Central Asia) broke through the Holgos Railway Port. 5000 columns, this data has been nearly a month earlier than last year.

In Holgos Station, the staff is carrying out the running operation. Qiu Jingfei

The Xinjiang Railway Department scientifically coordinates the prevention and control and transportation organization. Through the use of small operating units and optimizing operating class, we will strengthen the power of work in the job. Not only is the number of trains increased, but the growth rate of port trains has exceeded the past. This year, 15 new trains lines were added at the Holgos Railway Port, with a total number of conductive routes exceeding 70.

With the increase in the number of Central European trains, the precise scheduling command of Holgos Station, the promotion of the work links such as translation and audit review, reasonably arranging train decorative compilation, vehicle collection, cargo loading and unloading operations , Accelerate the circulation of the vehicle. At the same time, strengthen the cooperation with customs, border inspections, and freight agencies, promote digital port construction, timely deal with the problems in the operation, and realize the simultaneous alternation of the trains, replacement, inspection, and public customs to ensure the operation links to ensure that each operation link Continue to smoothly, the efficiency of the process of customs clearance has steadily improved.

"We strengthen communication and contact with Kazakhstan, implement the regular dialogue mechanism, and coordinate and solve the difficulties in the process of transportation production. The number of rows of daily delivery vehicles in the year has always maintained above 18 columns, which guarantees the international transportation channel of the China -Europe trains. Unblocked. "Yu Rong, deputy director of the Safety Production Command Center of Holgos Station.

Horgos Customs focuses on improving the efficiency of transfer and transportation of import and export goods contained in the China -Europe trains, and promotes the quality and efficiency of the China -Europe trains. Stand.

"This year's China -Europe trains' goods have increased by 20%. In addition to daily products such as department stores, there are also high value -added products such as laptops and cars." Yan Houhu said.

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