Author:Hubei Daily Time:2022.09.21

□ Guo Huayue

In the vegetable garden, look at the eyes, lush. But the greenness at this time is more like the last carnival before the summer. Take a closer look, it is not difficult to find a little yellowish trace from the green. Originally lively, the garden that was squeezed would not take long before it would be empty.

At this time, there is a special statement in the countryside, called "Garden".

In fact, the garden is not empty. The vine is still green. On the top, there are even sporadic flowers, bees and butterflies, embellished. At first glance, it is difficult to believe that such flowers and greens will return to silence soon.

After experiencing the summer harvest of the garden, the melon and fruit gradually silent, but at this time, the garden often suddenly became lively.

This kind of lively is different from before. The fruit of the protagonist was gradually withdrawn from the garden and emptied. The original feast announced the end. But another joy, but began to play. This lively protagonist was replaced by children.

Garden garden has always been the time of children's joy.

If you are careful, you will always leave large and small fruits. Some are deliberate to add some fun to the children; some are unintentional, or have not been found, or the unpretentious melon fruit, while in the past few days, a little last carnival has grown into a small head. Fruit. But these are the baby's baby.

No matter which village, which one, as long as you stop the garden, you can walk in and search. Most of the time, it is a smaller fruity. But usually, from time to time, there will be a little surprise. Sometimes, I get too much, take off my shirt, wrap the loot, and take it home.

There are also children, carrying a sack, three or five in groups, searching around. In the garden, although there is missing fruits, it is still lush. For children, this is a fun soil full of fun. You can taste the original ecology, you can play games. After all day, you don't feel tired. That feeling is like Chinese New Year.

In today's countryside, there are fewer melon and fruit, and the term garden is increasingly listening to people. Occasionally I see the orchard, but even if the garden is still locks, the door is still locked and cannot be entered. The children, the word garden is even more confused.

The Guaguang, which was filled with fun, has gradually become a more and more landscape.

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