Seeing the scene of the old man's soybeans, the memories of childhood returned with deliciousness

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I arrived at the ancient village at 4:30 in the afternoon. "Pop ... slap ... slap", in the sun, someone knocked on the cement floor. Take a closer look, it's soybeans.

Old man, 86 years old, holding a long stick in his hands, raised high, fell heavily, and patted the soybean tree on the ground. Soy beans jumped out of the pods and rolled to the ground. It is estimated that the beans in the pod came out. Pick up the empty tree rack and put it aside, and then use the coarse sieve to sieve the remaining pods and soybeans to separate the soy beans. This is not over yet. There are still fine gray in the sieved soybeans. You have to blow off the ash with a windmill, leave clean soybeans, and the process of playing soybeans is completely over.

I remember that when we were young, soybean was not a stick, but a tool called curtain rake. It is a bamboo curtain with a wide hand on the other side of the wooden stick. The bamboo curtain is shorter than the wooden stick. It is also a technical job to use curtain rakes. When the bamboo curtain arrives at the back of his own, raise the stick to let the bamboo curtain fall from the back. The wide bamboo curtain falls on the soybean tree, "嘣 ... 嘣 ... 嘣", powerful, large, uniform. Every time, the bamboo curtain has to turn a circle vertically on the ground. In the process of learning soybeans, we were all beaten by ourselves. Unfortunately, the curtain rake can't be seen now.

When I was a kid, I liked to fight soybeans, because in the process of playing soybeans, there would always be a little soybeans falling in the surrounding grass, which could not be cleaned. In a few days, the soybeans have germinated, grow taller, and can pull soybean sprouts. Adults have to work, and the children must be done by the children. Finding soybean sprouts in the grass is really a happy thing, with a sense of accomplishment, and good food.

After a lapse of more than three years, I can see the soybeans in the ancient village, although the wooden stick replaces the curtain rake, and I still feel kind.

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