Author:Ping An Wuxi Time:2022.09.21

At noon on September 15th, Xinwu Public Security Branch

The police station in front of Fangjian to receive the masses alarm

Said his wife is answering a fraud phone call

The police immediately rushed to the scene

After coming to the community, the alarm person is waiting to be downstairs

Tell the police helplessly

Ms. Chen, her wife,

Telephone from "Overseas"

I am convinced

According to Ms. Chen, one month ago

I bought goods on an online shopping platform

At noon on the 15th, a "overseas" call was received

It is said that its account is misunderstood in the background

Become a "agent"

If you do not cancel

The agency fee is deducted

And "guide" step by step on the phone

Ms. Chen conducts money

Chinese police, you don't believe it,

Do you believe in foreign?

Such a poor scam

Unexpectedly, Ms. Chen was taken seriously

Even insist on canceling operations

The police are in a hurry "soul" question--

"Chinese police, you don't believe it,

Do you believe in foreign? "

Finally, after many persuasion

Ms. Chen finally recognized this scam

Fortunately, it is time to discourage timely

Ms. Chen has no loss

Before leaving, the police also "Amway" to Ms. Chen

National Anti -Fraud Center APP

Police reminder

If you receive a call from "00" or "+", please be vigilant and pay attention to screening. If there is no fixed overseas relationship, you can contact the operator to block the overseas number.

Anyone who calls for "public security organs, government departments, and social security bureaus" requires calling confidentiality, cooperating with investigation, receiving funds for funding, requiring transfer or filling in the payment password.

The call from self -proclaimed "customer service" or "merchant", saying that it can be refunded or claimed. Ten nine deceives, be sure to log in to the official shopping website to check the relevant information.

Refusing to pick up an unknown international phone,

Reduce the risk of being scammed by telecommunications,

Tell the friends around you,

Set the shielding function!

How to intercept


If your number is China Mobile

Edit "1901" to 10086, and reply "Yes" in the SMS of the "Second Confirmation Reminder" to turn off the international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan voice connection functions, that is, ordering "International, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Interception" services.


If your number is from China Unicom

method one

Send "GBGJLD" to 10010, and reply to "Y" to close the international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan's call receiving function in the "second confirmation reminder" SMS. Method Two

Through the "China Unicom APP"-Service-processing page opening or closing the "Overseas Caller Reception" function. At the same time, China Unicom Business Hall and Online Business Hall can also apply or close the interview function of opening or closing international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


If your number is from China Telecom

Send "1901" to 10001, and after replying to "1901Y" in "Second Confirmation SMS", confirmed to open the opening function of international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

(The above are free services)

"People's Daily" and "Xinhua Daily" like it! Wuxi Police Network integrates and holds the happiness of the "door of the house"


Notice! "Set up to the ground"! not


The grandson "breaks into trouble", Grandpa "pays", almost ...


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