[Welcome to the 20th] Gao Tai: Every frame of the rural revitalization is beautiful

Author:Gaotai County Rong Media Cente Time:2022.09.21

Agricultural high -quality and efficient, progressive civilization in rural areas, wealthy farmers--

Every frame of the Gaotai Rural Revitalization is beautiful

Nowadays, walking into Gaotai County, Heihe Wetland and urban buildings are complex, bright red pepper and Gobi sun drawing the huge red sea, new rural people's residences, and the masses' joyful smiles, form a beautiful rural picture.

The county implements the strategy of rural rejuvenation, vigorously cultivates the people's income industries, solidly promote rural construction, strives to improve the rural living environment, continuously strengthen and improve rural governance, and strive to promote agricultural quality and efficiency, rural civilization progress, farmers increase income and become rich. One Another exploration practice has a gorgeous picture of rural rejuvenation.

Effectively connect with "poverty alleviation" and "revitalization" together

Adhere to "the policy is constant, the goals are not dispersed, the responsibilities are not loose, and the strength is not reduced", strictly implemented the "four non -picking" requirements during the transition period, and implemented "the leader of the party and government is the first responsible person, the three -level secretary of the county and towns and villages grasped. The rural revitalization "responsibility system, paid close attention to the implementation of policy, implementation, and work implementation. It has formulated planning plans such as the "Implementation Plan for the Effective Connection of Gaotai County Rural Rejuvenation (2018-2022)" and "Gaotai County on the Achievement of Consolidation and Expansion of Poverty Alleviation Resolution and Effective Connection" to establish a mechanism for preventing poverty and assistance to poverty and poverty. Improve the party and government leadership team and leading cadre rural rejuvenation strategic performance evaluation system of various towns and agricultural departments, and adopt regular inspections, special inspections, daily inspections, observation learning, and evaluation. Join the work pattern of consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation results. In recent years, the county has focused on non -poor villages with an incidence of 16%of poor villages and poverty and more than 20 households with more than 20 households. Poor villages have fully covered the roads, safe drinking water, power grid reconstruction, broadband network, and financial service outlets. Strictly implement the requirements of the "four non -picking", comprehensively strengthen the dynamic monitoring of poverty and return poverty and accurate assistance, and the per capita net income of the poverty alleviation population and monitoring objects reaches 16,251 yuan, which is higher than the per capita disposable income of farmers in the province. Obvious results.

Precise strategy to consolidate the foundation of revitalization

Industrial rejuvenation is the core of rural revitalization. The development of the industry is momentum. The county is based on agricultural priority functional positioning, adheres to strong leading, building bases, special -colored, tree brands, supports the three major and characteristic industries of the three major advantages of vegetables, seeds, and grass and livestock. There are 58 leading enterprises such as industry, and 17 large -scale characteristic industrial bases such as grain crops, Hong Kong vegetables, high -level summer vegetables, corn seeds, boutique peppers, facilities and watermelons, with an area of ​​58,000 mu, and an average of 170,000 vegetable area. About acres, the area of ​​crop systems reached 180,000 acres; 316 large -scale farms such as Huixin and Zhongzhong were built, and the total number of livestock and poultry breeding reached 2.43 million heads (only). Scientifically formulate support policies such as organic fertilizer, agricultural film with old -fashioned new, livestock and poultry manure resources, etc., and take the lead in implementing ecological cycle utilization projects in agricultural waste such as straw, tail dishes, and feces in the province. Marsh -vegetable (grain) "" Effective ecological agriculture development. Vigorously promote the construction of agricultural product branding, establish 26 agricultural standardized production demonstration bases, identify 11 green -free producers, and create 8 provincial -level brand -name products and 6 provincial -level well -known trademarks. A total of 91 "three products and one standard" agricultural products were certified, with a certified area of ​​426,600 mu, and the comprehensive passing rate of agricultural product monitoring was more than 99%. Create a group of famous products such as Qian legendary wine, dried pepper pepper, and high -platform rouge chicken. The collective economic income of 85.3%of the county's 85.3%of the administrative villages reached more than 50,000 yuan.

Multiple measures to improve the face value of the countryside

Rural revitalization must not only achieve "industrial prosperity", but also "ecological livability". The county consciously practice the concept of ecological development, plant ecological nature, focus on the improvement of the environment, focus on promoting ecological revitalization, and the connotation of ecological livable rural areas has been continuously demonstrated. Aiming at the outstanding problems that affect the improvement of rural living environment in rural houses in rural houses and abandoned idle houses throughout the county, formulate the "Three -Year Action Plan for Enhancement of Village Village Villages in Gaotai County". From 2019 to 2021 There are 129 demonstration sites for rural construction, 3531 new houses, 6810 houses rebuilding houses, and 3123 vacant houses. 46%of the county's farm houses have completed the reconstruction, laying the foundation for promoting rural construction actions. Formulate the "Five-Year Action Implementation Plan for Rural Construction in Gaotai County (2021-2025)", and strive to achieve full coverage of rural demonstration construction by 2025.

The "three governance" integration of rural governance has obvious results

Governance is an important cornerstone of rural revitalization. The county seized the pilot demonstration and creation opportunities of the national rural governance system construction, explored the implementation of the rural governance roads of grass -roots party building, autonomous, rule of law, and German governance, and strived to build a modern rural governance system to provide a system for rural revitalization systems. Basic and important guarantees. Take the creation of "beautiful courtyards" and find "the most beautiful family" as the starting point, promote the use of points and list systems, continuously deepen the customs and customs, and promote the construction of township wind and civilization. Up to now, the county has been completed and runs 89 "Jijiamei Points Supermarkets", carried out 572 concentrated redeences, 394,700 exchanged points, and participated in more than 13,600 people. We will carry out in -depth activities such as the creation of the "Democratic and Rule of Law Demonstration Village" and the construction of Ping An Rural Construction, implement the "grid -like+ten households joint defense" working mechanism, and explore the formation of contradictions and disputes such as "one court three linkage" and "reasonable laws and laws" , Promote the resolution of contradictions and disputes. The typical experience of the "four -level seven -day" contradiction and dispute mediation work was selected into the third batch of typical cases of rural governance in the country. Adhere to the virtue of morals and extensively carry out advanced typical selection activities such as moral models and five -star civilization households. There have been 8 people in the "Chinese Good Man List" and 33 people who have reached the "Gansu Good People List". Actively organize activities such as zero -color gift collective weddings, villagers 'flags, farmers' harvest festivals, rural neighborhood festivals, etc., and truly make the masses become "protagonists" in rural governance, and the degree of rural social civilization has effectively improved. (Duan Hai Kou Jianming) Source: Zhangye Daily

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