"Remember history, don't forget the national shame, build a beautiful tomorrow" -Sihong County Water Resources Bureau theme party day event documentary

Author:Pioneer government Time:2022.09.21

"I volunteered to join the Communist Party of China, support the party's program, abide by the party's charter, fulfill the party members' obligations, and implement the party's decision ... ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people at any time, and never rebel up the party!" The oath of joining the party has been echoing over the Shuanggou tragedy museum for a long time.

To commemorate the 91st anniversary of the "September 18th" incident, remember the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, inspire the majority of party members to remember the history of humiliation, strengthen the revolutionary fighting spirit, move forward, consciously shoulders the great heavy responsibility of the rise of the great powers and the national rejuvenation. The Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Sihong County Water Resources Bureau, the Huaihe Huaihong Xinhe Management Office, and the Party Branch of the Shuanggou Police Station organized some party members to carry out the theme party day event of "remember history, don't forget the national shame, and build a beautiful tomorrow".

On the day of the event, the party members visited the provincial -level patriotic education base, the Shuanggou tragedy museum, pursued red memories, and established the great ambition of China.

"After the Mid -Autumn Festival in 1940, after the three brigades of the Japanese invaders invaded the Shuanggou Town of the Huaibei Anti -Japanese Democratic Base, in the name of a meeting, hundreds of compatriots were forced into the nine people's rooms in Shikui Lane in a gun and knife. The crowd, fired crazy to the house, poured gasoline in the house, throwing grenade ... Killing 550 civilians, burning more than 3,800 houses, and 21 households in the town were destroyed. " The history of blood and tears, the unyielding history of fighting, revisited the war of war, and continued the spirit of the War of Resistance. The sad photos in the museum not only always wake up everyone to forget national shame, remember history, but also inspire everyone to be angry and work hard. Everyone said that they will remember the painful history, forget the national shame, inherit the legacy of the ancestors, defend the national dignity of the nation, Cherish the happy life that is hard to come today, work hard, determine to report to the country, and revitalize China!

Subsequently, the party members went deep into the lake area to carry out the publicity activities of the "Hongze Lake Protection of Jiangsu Province".

During the event, the staff focused on the ban on the protection of Hongze Lake in the people in the lake area. This event will be organically combined for private practices with the "Regulations on the Protection of Hongze Lake in Jiangsu Province". It will work in accordance with the law and work in accordance with the law. Do not forget the original intention of the people. The rest of the people further enhanced the masses' awareness of protection of Hongze Lake, and created a strong atmosphere for the whole people to participate in the protection of Hongze Lake.

(Zhao Jianguo Liu Qian Zhao Jianfang)

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