The "gorgeous turn" accurate docking of the Xishixia Xixia to Xichuan section of the Xichuan section

Author:Nanyang Daily Time:2022.09.21

At 8:30 am on September 20th, after 90 minutes of turning operations, the Xishou Xixia -Xichuan section (hereinafter referred to as the Xilian project) span the heaviest component of the Ningxi Railway Bridge -T structure Liang Shun clockwise rotating 67.5 ° clockwise , Safely cross the Ningxi Railway and G312 National Highway, realize "gorgeous turn" and accurate docking in the air.

The West Pyreal Cross Ningxi Railway Bridge is constructed by Henan West Highway Construction Co., Ltd., one of the project control projects undertaken by the China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Luoyang Engineering Headquarters and the China Railway Fourth Bureau. 140 meters, 25.7 meters wide, 23 meters high in the main pier. The Trust beam of the bridge is a single -box three -bedroom straight abdomen structure, weighing 21,000 tons and a pier pillar of 23 meters high. In order to ensure safety and quality and successfully complete the turntable, the T structure beam first hangs the basket on the direction of the National Highway on the north side of the railway, and then pulls the traction cable with two 500 tons of continuous tensor. Position, achieve error 1 mm accurate docking. This construction technology not only reduces the safety risk of construction, but also greatly reduces the impact on existing operating railways and national roads.

It is understood that the Xilian project is the first batch of construction projects of the "Double Thousand Thousand Project" of the Henan Provincial Department of Transportation's highway. The starting point is located at the Shanghai -Shaanxi Expressway. The route has a total length of 52.76 kilometers. There are 46 bridges and 6 tunnels on the entire line. It belongs to the highway project of Shanling Chongqiu District, with a bridge -tunnel ratio of 50.91%. The project started in 2019. It is planned to be opened to traffic in December 2022. After completion, it will improve the regional high -speed skeleton road network, which is of great significance to help promote the results of the results of poverty alleviation and drive southwestern Henan's economic and social development.

Source: Nanyang Evening News

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