Shandong Zhucheng: Effectively activating the motivation of grass -roots social governance

Author:Zhucheng Rong Media Time:2022.09.21

"Thanks to our grid party branch, these two days have been busy for me, the cables have been repaired, so I will not delay my work." Recently, Sun Qingjun, a large family of Yuewang grid in Shiqiaozi Town, Zhicheng City, said Essence

It turned out that the constant temperature library cable of Sun Qingjun's home storage vegetables was dug off while others were built. He found the grid party branch for the first time. The power supply company coordinated and solved the urgent need.

Since the beginning of this year, Zhucheng has regarded the innovation "grid call and departmental registration" mechanism as an important starting point for grassroots social governance. , Effectively activated the motivation of grass -roots social governance.

"If there is a crowd, the acceptance is to do it." The city has re -refined the city into 1690 grids. According to the "five standards" of some people in charge, money to do things, local discussions, the right to determine, and chapters. The network and governance network are united. The city's 5504 grid staff and more than 18,000 volunteers, the source found problems, and launched the call to report in time.

"Through in -depth investigations and gradually exploring, we have made full use of the advantages of the rural communityization and community gridization of Zhucheng, and we have made a grid call and the work mechanism of the grassroots conflict reported by the department." Members Zang Yuxin said that the specifically based on the first level of the grid, relying on the "Grid Tong" APP, let the masses' affairs and small affairs be reflected in the community grid governance service information platform through the grid length and grid staff. The business department conducts supervision, problem -solving, result feedback, and mass evaluation, so that the masses' demands of "one door" acceptance and one -stop resolution.

Zhucheng has worked hard on "informatization", developing and applied community grid governance service information platforms and its terminal "grid" APP. The grid staff will upload the platform that cannot be solved by inspections through the "Grid Capital" APP. The town and municipal level comprehensive governance centers shall be associated with the responsibilities of the department and the town and streets in accordance with the nature of the matter.

Earlier, residents of Shenglong Garden Community, Mizhou Street, Zhucheng City, generally reported that the water pressure was too low in water pressure, and residents on the 4th-6th floor often had no water. After understanding the community grid member Sun Jianjun, he immediately called through the "Grid" app. In order to facilitate the lives of residents, the Political and Legal Committee of Zhucheng Municipal Party Committee quickly convened a special meeting to work on site and discuss research. After negotiating discussions and seriously found the main cause, the water supply company restored normal water supply by replacing the main valve and other methods.

"Now, not only can it quickly and effectively solve the problem of residents, but the communication between grid staff and relevant departments and units is also more unblocked." Said Sun Qingguo, the grid grid of Lujiayuewang, Shiqiaozi Town. For more than 8 months, Zhucheng has accepted a total of 17,258 "grid calls", and 17,188 pieces were settled, with a settlement rate of 99.6%and a mass satisfaction rate of 99.1%.

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