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On September 22, Yunnan CDC WeChat public account issued a prompt, as follows: as follows:

Black fungus has the reputation of "vegetarian“ ", crispy and rich in nutrition, and is a common delicious dish on the table. But in recent years, news reports related to black fungus poisoning are common. Is the black fungus poisonous itself? of course not! Black fungus itself is not poisonous, but if it is contaminated by Tang Pu Bobok Holde (coconut poison pseudolytic monolithic memalonal sidam), it is too long in the water to soak in the water. Bacteria (coconut poisoning and fake monolithium fermented rice noodles) will reproduce in large quantities, producing fatal toxin rice yeast acid. In October 2020, nine people in Heilongjiang had died of soup poisoning, and the "culprit" was rice yeast acid.


Rice yeast acid characteristics

Strong toxicity: Rice yeast acid can cause severe damage to the human liver, kidney, heart, brain and other organs. Generally, the prognosis of the critical type is poor.

High disease mortality: Patients with plant -based poisoning patients have a disease mortality of more than 40%. Without special medicine, the condition and the condition after healing are related to the amount of toxin intake.

High temperature resistance: Tangyu Pobber Berk Holde is not resistant to high temperature, and the normal cooking temperature can be killed, but the amount of rice yeast acid it secreted cannot be destroyed even if it boils.


Clinical symptoms

The onset of the onset, the incubation period is mostly 2 to 24h, the shorter is 1 to 2 hours, and the elderly 48-72 hours. The main symptoms are upper abdomen discomfort, nausea, vomiting (vomit can be brown), mild diarrhea, dizziness, and general weakness; severe cases of damage to the heart, brain, liver, kidney and other substantial organ damage symptoms, jaundice, hepatochrus, hepatopathy occurs , Subcutaneous hemorrhage, vomiting, hematuria, low urine, unclear consciousness, irritability, convulsions, convulsions, and even shock, generally no fever symptoms.


What other foods are prone to rice yeast acid poisoning

The first is cereal fermented products, such as stink residue, sour soup, grid beans in the north, fermented dumplings, hanging pulp, and river powder in the south.

The second is a long -bubble, spoiled white fungus, fungus.

The third is improper processing potato products such as potato noodles, sweet potato noodles, potato starch, etc.


The main points of black fungus consumption

It is best not to exceed 4 hours, and take it in time after soaking.

Do not eat spoiled fungus. If you find sticky, soft, toughness or odor before cooking, you must discard it.

Do not advocate cultivation of fungus bacteria and consume it, and do not eat fresh till ear or fresh fungus.

If poisoning occurs, vomiting, gastric lavage should be urged in time, and you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. After eating the same food, no matter if there is any symptoms, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Source Yunnan Disease Control WeChat public account

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