up to date!The renovation and upgrade of the Zhenzhen Station is about to be completed

Author:Xi'an released Time:2022.09.25

3000 years ago in the Western Zhou Dynasty

This is the land seal of Zhou Wenwang's younger brother Ji Zhong

Zhou Guo's military commander, hairy, once fished nearby

Here is the earliest "China".

... ...

You must have guessed

Isn't this Gu Chencang?


It is Chinese history

Xiao Shi "Blowing flute to attract phoenix", Han Xin "secretly crossing Chencang", etc.

Place of historical allusions

Chencang District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province (read Guǐ)

The third -class small station on the Longhai Line (Guó) Town Station

Located on this long history

Town Station

Is the third -class station on the Longhai Line

Founded in 1936

Longhai line center mileage 1225 kilometers+906 meters

In 1996, Baozhong (Baoji to Zhongwei) Railway was completed and put into operation

站 虢 虢 as the starting point station

The mission is more arduous

For more than 80 years

The Zhenzhen Station not only undertakes the heavy responsibility of local people's travel

It is also a bridge for local economic development

Period of reform and opening up

"Double Europe" washing machine, "Baoji Beer"

Qinchuan Grand Qu, "Xiong Yiwu" instant noodles, etc.

Outstanding enterprises in Shaanxi Province have settled in Qianzhen

In the age when traffic is not yet developed

Longhai Line Line Town Station is the main channel for them to go out

New era calls for new development

New Development Summon New Town

June 3, 2022

China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

Start and rebuild construction at La Zhen Station

Old "Zhenzhen Station" full of "age"

Become a permanent memory in a generation

Xinxin Town Station building covers an area of ​​about 650 square meters

The appearance of the appearance into the Zhou and Qin period of architectural elements

Fashionable and beautiful atmosphere

Combat comprehensive services, ticket sales, waiting and other functions

The waiting hall of one

Up to 300 people can accommodate

Newly expanded about 1,000 square meters in front of the station in front of the station

Not only makes passenger travel experience better

It provides a place for the local people's leisure and entertainment

▲ Before the renovation, the aerial photography of Zhenzhen Station

▲ After the renovation, the renderings of the town station station

▲ After the renovation

▲ After the renovation, the ticket gate of Zhenzhen Station

▲ After the renovation, the waiting hall of the Town Station Station

▲ After the renovation, the waiting hall of the Town Station Station

▲ After the renovation, the waiting hall of the waiting hall of the Town Station Station

▲ After the reconstruction, the waiting hall of the waiting hall of the Town Station Station

▲ After the renovation, the town stands out of the station

There are 2 7 -strand roads inside the Zhenzhen Station

In this transformation, the existing one platform has been raised and transformed.

Not only makes passengers safer to ride

Also prepared for the starting vehicle group trains to drive in the Town Station


The area near Qianzhen Station will enter the era of trains

The way of traveling by the masses will also enter "walk well" from "walking"

It is reported that

The reconstruction of Qizhen Station has entered the final sprint stage

Near future

Town Station on Longhai Line

Will meet with the masses with a new look

And at the same time drive the train group train

Let's look forward to

Town Station

Open it early

(Source: West Rail Information Editor: Li Jiaxin)

- END -

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