Civilization Creation Office practical affairs to solve people's worries | Shiqinggou streets in Shibei District to carry out debris cleanup and rectification actions

Author:Popular Net Qingdao Time:2022.09.26

Recently, Nanfeng Road community in Shuiqinggou Street, Shibei District received a topic of reporting from the resident Mr. Ren Ren on the party of the party: "Hello, isn't it a city now? There are a lot of garbage and debris at the top, all of which are placed by the neighbors who lived before. Can you help clean up? "

After receiving the topic, the community staff immediately went to No. 12 Pingxiang Road to confirm that it was found that a large amount of debris and garbage were stacked on the top floor. Because it was not cleaned for a long time, a thick layer of dust was on the top. The staff then conducted a comprehensive exclusive record in the corridor of the community, and posted the notification of cleaning the corridor accumulation, calling for residents to call, knocking on the door for unmanned debris, to do the ideological work of the residents, persuaded residents to be right in time in time Clean your own items.

In the concentrated cleanup, community staff organized all the waste carton, worn -out furniture, hoarded debris, battery cars and other items in the corridor channels, which significantly improved the environmental hygiene of the corridor and received praise and support from many residents.

Through this cleanup and rectification operation, the environment in the corridor in the community has been greatly improved. The original messy living environment has been improved in time, which greatly solves the problem of debris waste accumulation, eliminates hidden dangers. Putty has laid a solid foundation for lasting the work of innovation and innovation.

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