Zhongyuan Science and Technology City Financial Island · The first beautiful life festival is ready to go!Please take the travel guide and precautions

Author:Henan Daily Client Time:2022.09.30

There are 1 day countdown! The long -awaited National Day holiday is finally coming!

Presumably you are also planning to travel perfectly to take you away from daily rush and impetuousness. Then this door at the door of the home can satisfy all the festive parties you imagine for a better life. Do you want to go?

Just in this eleven, in Longhu Financial Island of the Central Plains Science and Technology City, the first beautiful life festival brings you all your imagination of a beautiful trend! Music carnival, camping life, happy racecourse ... Want to come and play Friends, please collect this travel, activity, and play guide.

This "Better Life Festival" adopts an appointment registration system. Citizens need to fill in the relevant identity information on the EMC Mini Sub -Program/Shangdao Tong APP before they can go to the island to participate in the on -site activities. Strictly abide by the epidemic prevention measures at the scene, and make an appointment for citizens to go to the island in batches according to the 48 -hour nucleic acid certificate. In addition, the parking area and connection points of Ruyi East Road have changed. All social vehicles entered Ruyi East Road from Jiuru Road to walk around Longhu Ringnan Road (Chaoyang Road) from Jiuru Road.

In the cool breeze, the autumn day when the temperature is just right, there is no happier than a music carnival! Feel the music carnival surging sound waves, but also pay attention to civilized viewing.

The entry of "Everbright Bank Music Carnival" must be approved after the EMC Ministry of Financial Island Mini Program/Shangdao Tong APP, and the on -site epidemic inspection and security inspection party can enter the activity area. The performance time is from 11: 00-12: 00, 15: 30-17: 30, 8: 30-21: 00 on October 1; October 2 to October 5th every day from 10: 00-11: 30, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15 : 30-17: 30, 18: 30-21: 00. When watching on -site viewing, please consciously follow the staff of the staff and enter the venue in an orderly manner.

Do not bring illegal items such as large pets, control knives, flammable and explosive toxic dangerous goods; it is strictly forbidden to throw items on the field and prohibit overpastes and guardrails; Place; be sure to abide by the relevant safety regulations of the event.

Civilized to watch the performance, not to throw garbage in the audience, and do not make trouble with each other. After the performance, listen to the orderly retirement of the on -site staff, please do not crowd and push. In case of force majeure factors, the active party will be notified in advance.

Have you tried camping in the market? This event will move the tent into the market, invite you to experience the lifestyle of early C and night A, gossip together, listen to the wind and rain. It also needs to abide by the following regulations with a good experience of drinking coffee and camping.

When visiting the camping atmosphere exhibition area, it is strictly forbidden to touch and move exhibits when taking pictures. When using related tables and chairs, you should pay attention to love. If you violate and cause damage, you will compensate the price.

When active in the exhibition area, pay attention to fixed objects such as wind ropes. Stay away from the fence. Children should participate in the event with the accompaniment of parents. It is strictly forbidden to run and play to avoid falling or falling. It is strictly forbidden to touch related electric electrical equipment to avoid accidental damage, if there is any violation of the consequences. Smoking is prohibited during camping.

In addition, more than 10 famous horses from all over the world appeared, such as sweat BMW, Frosnia, Pony horse, and the smallest Malla in the world. If you want to "close contact" with the famous Malay field, you must remember these etiquette.

Horses are large -scale animals that are rare everyday. Although the horses are very good, some big friends and children have never seen it. They may be afraid or dare not get on the horse for the first time. Before you experience it, you can let big friends and children watch more horses videos or Communicate with children in advance.

When visiting the horses, keep in mind not to stand behind the horse or touch the horses. Although these famous horses have been professional, they have a docile personality and are not dangerous. But behind the horses 'ass is the blind spot of its sight. When interacting with the horse, don't stand behind the horse or touch the horses' ass, causing unnecessary panic and danger.

In the end, parents can take pictures of their children during the event, but pay attention to it. When there is a horses in the scene, please pay attention to turn off the flash, because the horses are timid, and the sudden flash may scare the horse.

The happiest than playing is to pay attention to safety. Finally, remind everyone to pay attention to the protection of the epidemic. When playing, you will consciously keep your distance from others and enjoy a happy time that belongs to the holiday.

- END -

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