9 am this morning, so stay tuned

Author:Our sky Time:2022.09.05

Today is the 7th year of the sky with you 08 days 09 days

Combined with national network security propaganda Zhou Jinying camp

The army will be from September 5, 2022 to 11

With the "Civilized Internet Safety Network according to the rule of law network

The theme of building shared and shared military -related network environment "as the theme

Carry out military camping network security promotion week activities

9 am this morning

The airborne troops were grandly held

Starting ceremony

At that time

Relevant leadership speech

News media representative speech

The event site will synchronize

Live on the "Learning Strong Army" APP

Welcome to watch it on time!

Let us gather in the clouds

Building military camp network security defense line

Welcome the 20th CPC victory of the party with excellent results!

Production: Cui Jipin

Produced: Li Zibo

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