For the "October Inspection", please understand these!

Author:Nanjing Trade Union Time:2022.09.21

Recently, the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism was proposed that the National Day holiday was approaching, and the liquidity of personnel increased, increasing the risk of epidemic dissemination, and severe and complicated prevention and control.In order to avoid the occurrence of a local scale, my country has implemented a "landscape inspection" nationwide during the National Day holiday and before and after.

Why carry out "landing inspection"?

How to organize the implementation of the "landing inspection"?


About the "floor inspection"

Please understand these

"Orthopedic inspection" is an important measure to prevent the input epidemic

Effectively promote the movement of the prevention and control mark forward

Please cross -provincial mobile staff

Actively cooperate with the local "landing inspection"

Epidemic prevention

Everyone is responsible

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