Jinyan Street, Guanghan City: "Court Economy" cure self -built districts stubborn illnesses

Author:Southwest Commercial Daily Time:2022.09.21

On September 21, the reporter learned from Jinyan Street, Guanghan City, Sichuan, that Jinyan Street has paid an eye on the problems of messy environment in the self -built community, weak industrial foundations, and difficulty in residents' income. Combining the special rectification of the prominent issues of the new community of the department as an opportunity to give full play to the leadership of the community party organization, explore the establishment and improvement of the "courtyard economy" planner cultivation and incubation work mechanism, build a community economic development platform, enhance the community economic income capacity, help and guide the masses to increase their income. Effectively improve the level of grass -roots governance and community services in urban and rural communities.

The rectification environment allows the community to "clean"

Since the establishment of the community, the environment has always been criticized. The status quo of the residents "self -sweeping the snow in front of the door, no matter whether others are frosting", which had a headache for the cadres of the community. The community has thought of many ways, but the results are very small.

With the east wind of the new type of prominent issues of the new community in the urban and rural areas, the Datong community promoted the "courtyard economy" project to the residents of the self -built community through holding the dam and the residents of the self -built community. The residents of the community agreed that the environmental hygiene in the area contracted, and the environmental hygiene of the community was completely rectified. At the same time, the community arranged personnel to redefine the original miscellaneous wood shrub green belt, and cooperate with the relevant departments to add parking spaces. After two rounds of transformation, 163 parking spaces were added, and the parking space was put into use. Improved, the residents of residents and a sense of gain and gain were further improved.

Develop the industry to "gather" business

The self -built communities are mostly new types of residents and resettlement and resettlement. They are out of the peasant life that "facing the back of the loess", but it is also difficult to integrate into the urban life because it is not a skill.

The Party Working Committee of Jinyan Street combined with the "parentalization" transformation of the party and mass service center, adding "courtyard economy" planner studios, the "courtyard economy" project library, and planner training room in Datong community to cultivate the first batch of five " The courtyard economic planner, and establishes a sound tutor system, in accordance with the working mode of "passing the joints, dredging points, and activating the whole". Merchant matching professional planners, planners and merchants communicate and formulate project development plans to guide the cultivation of a group of "courtyard economy" individual operators with strong development potential and good market response, and drive community business development.

As of now, 8 small species of small species have been incubated, and more than 31 houses are incubating, forming a catering, service, and entertainment industry cluster. The hatching drunk Yaya Chinese restaurant is expected to become the restriction industry this year.

Normal assets make the pocket "drum" up

The collective assets of self -built communities have long troubled the cadres of the community "two committees". Jinyan Street adheres to the "crowdfunding" mechanism of "crowdfunding" mechanism for public infrastructure "crowdfunding" mechanism for public infrastructure "crowdfunding" mechanism for the "crowdfunding" property company operation mechanism of community social enterprises to explore Innovate the channels for collective economic development of the community.

The market management company was established by Datong Community. More than 1,000 residents recognized 2500 shares in the form of 800 yuan per share, raised a total of more than 2 million yuan in funds to create a comprehensive mast market. More than 100 yuan. The establishment of community social enterprises such as Lingfeng Property and Peugeot Property will be used to use two "party building+" property companies to solve more than 10 people in difficult people in difficult people. The economy of the revitalized courtyard directly drives more than 150 employment and entrepreneurship, and the community masses increase their income of more than 500,000 yuan. The rent of houses and shops in self -built communities has risen by nearly 20%.

Reporter Gao Mingshan Li Pengfei correspondent Wu Jiaoyang

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