Leaders of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee went to Yunxiao County to hold a symposium to Dongqu Disposure

Author:Yunxiao Rong Media Time:2022.09.21

News from this website (Xu Yinqian) On the morning of September 20, Huang Zhongfang, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, went to Yunxiao County to hold a symposium to Dongqu, which was brainstorming and dug to Dongqu's deeds to create a high -quality "red culture. Education brand.

At the symposium, Huang Zhongfang requested: to further dig deep into the connotation, collect relevant information of the Dongqu deeds in multiple channels, and multiple angles, interview and report on related characters such as the builders and witnesses of Dongqu, and dig deep into the "Xiang Dongqu Story". Historical connotation. It is necessary to further cultivate excellent preachers, learn through "going global", enhance the ability of the lecturers to learn and integrate, and improve the level of policy theory and preaching; give full play to the role of the "biography" of the backbone lecturer, thereby driving the incubation one The outstanding preaching team of the local area tells "the story of Xiang Dongqu". It is necessary to further innovate and propagate the propaganda method, use the media to use the media to promote the 50th anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the water to be completed to Dongqu next year, plan the relevant theme publicity activities in advance, and increase the publicity of "to the Dongqu", so that "the deeds to the Dongqu deeds "Household name. It is necessary to further strengthen the protection, activation, and utilization of cultural relics, strengthen safety precautions, and make long -term planning for the protection of Dongqu.

Wu Zhiying, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, presided over the symposium and introduced the relevant situation of the advanced deeds to Dongqu. In combination with their own functions, all relevant departments have made suggestions on the cultural connotation and impact of further dug to Dongqu deeds.

Before the symposium, Huang Zhongfang and his party also visited the Education Practice Base Xiang Dongqu Education Practice and Xiang Dongqu Showing Hall to revisit the history of the hard work of the year. It's not easy.

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