When you are busy appreciating autumn, the two of them are busy "transforming"

Author:Jilin Provincial Department of Time:2022.09.11

The last few days

"Autumn Tiger" began to make power

Summer killed another carbine again

Everyone continues to enjoy the refreshing summer of 22 ° C

But as autumn scenery is getting stronger and stronger

The snow friends who love skiing have begun to look forward to winter

When everyone is busy appreciating autumn

There are two ski resorts in the province who are busy "transforming"

Xiaoji began to look forward to the stunning appearance!

Changchun Lotus Mountain

Shimao Ski Resort

Changchun Lotus Mountain Shimao Ski Resort closed the park on March 6, 2022. When the spring and summer transfer, the "Baturu Model" was opened here. The newly built Baturu Park just built last year has become a good place for tourists to scream and joy.

The coolest Paturu Paradise is the 528 -meter -long cable -lled glass suspension bridge. The vertical distance from the bottom of the bridge is about 80 meters. The width of the bridge deck is 3 meters. Tree. Walking on the bridge across the mountain, there will be a plane flying over from time to time. Looking far away, the beautiful scenery of Changchun City, the Stone Gate Reservoir, and the original ecological mountain forest. This bridge also comes with 5D sound special effects. Walking on it, sound effects such as "glass crushing" will appear.

Take the cable car up the mountain, walk through the glass suspension bridge, and you can also choose to ride a high -altitude drift and gallow down. The total length of 3000 meters and the drop of 180 meters. The high -altitude glass and surfing are integrated. In the mountains, the drift slippery on the glass slide, the mountain road is smooth, and the 360 ​​° 4D turns and the S -shaped curve are available along the way, like a dragon hovering. Sliding on the glass slide, thrilling, its fun, letting you shuttle in high altitudes, feel the joy of returning to the truth, and indulgence.

In addition, the experience of colorful slides, shouting spring and other projects has a lot of fun.

So what will Lianhua Mountain Shimao Ski Resort become this winter? In June this year, Changchun Lotus Mountain launched the construction project of Changchun Lotus Mountain · International Ice and Snow Resort Town. The project was built in three phases. Many people look forward to the commercial street apartments, snow halls, hot spring hotels, vacation homestays, and Kangyang apartments. In addition, they will also create national athlete training centers, international conference centers, new energy vehicle equations, etc. The International Ice and Snow Resort Town Project was built by the Tsinghua University Design Institute, and it built it into a full -season, full -time, full -age international ice and snow, and mountain leisure sports resort town. Changchun Lianhuashan International Ice and Snow Resort Town is expected to be completed at the end of 2025!

At present, Lianhua Mountain International Ice and Snow Residential Town Youth Snow Hall and Volkswagen Snow Hall are all upgraded and transformed. Among them, the youth snow hall is the first children's snow hall in China. The overall investment is about 55 million yuan. In the hall, 1,000 people can be accepted at the same time in the hall. The current domestic ski resort does not have independent youth skiing halls and ski areas, and the Children's Snow Hall of the Lotus Mountain International Ice and Snow Resort Town will provide corresponding learning conditions for skiing and training for young people.

The Volkswagen Snow Hall has been upgraded on the basis of the original construction. The total investment is 120 million yuan, the construction land area is about 17,000 square meters. The modified lobby can accept 3,000 people at the same time. Planning and construction of a snow market street, and a commercial island sold on snow tools and snow supplies. In addition, the hall will build the China Snow Movement Champions Exhibition Area to enhance the pride of the snow sports and arrange the coffee and leisure area on the first floor of the window on the south side of the hall, which can meet the needs of everyone to enjoy and enjoy the snow viewing. On the second floor of the hall, the restaurant and viewing corridor will be arranged, so that ski enthusiasts who come here can experience the feeling of outdoor viewing and experienced outdoor dining. It is worth mentioning that the Children's Snow Hall and Volkswagen Snow Hall will be renovated in November this year. At that time, the Lotus Mountain Ski Resort will be renewed, bringing a better sports experience to ski enthusiasts.

Before the ski resort "transforms", come to Batulu Park to experience the joy of autumn!

Business hours: 9: 00-17: 00 (the festive holiday is postponed according to the passenger traffic situation)

Address: In the Shimao Ski Farm, the Lianhua Mountain Ecological Tourism Resort in Changchun City, Gaode/Baidu Map can be directly navigated to "Lianhua Mountain Batu Lusu Park".

Consultation Tel: 13029124668

Warm reminder: It is necessary to provide 24 hours of effective nucleic acid in the park, and wearing a mask throughout the process. If you have any questions, please call the customer service phone.

Wanfeng Tonghua

Ski resort

In autumn to Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort, the Lu Ming Hot Spring here can give you warmth. You can also enjoy the pleasure of "surfing" in the water park.

Kang Yang Hot Spring, Sweat Sweat, washed away tired. Beer, barbecue, romantic dinner ... Happy autumn can be given by hot springs.

September has arrived, will the snow season be far away? Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort will open a number of new upgrades in the 2022-2023 snow season to provide more convenient and more comfortable skiing experience for Xueyou!

Upgrade 1: Increase formats, provide more comfortable services

2022-2023 Snowy Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort added two hotels on the basis of last year-Swiss Inn & Parent-Child Hotel to provide more accommodation options for Xueyou. At the peak of passenger flow, the children's camp provides children with exclusive ski accommodation, protecting safety to the greatest extent to create a happy ice and snow experience that belongs to children, so that every child can enjoy skiing and fall in love with skiing. Swiss Inn has now entered the decoration stage, and it is expected to be completed and put into use at the end of November this year. Upgrade 2: The oversized parking lot can be stubborn

2022-2023 Snowy Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort provides the most convenient services for each snow friend, and increases the large parking lot that can accommodate 1,000 vehicles at the same time. The parking lot is now in the construction stage. It is expected that this winter snow season will be completed and put into use.

Upgrade 3: High -quality Snow Road, perfect experience

In order to enhance the skiing experience of the snow friend, 2022-2023 Snowy Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort snow trail upgrade and improve. Among them, the D3 (lightway) has a widening project at some of the curves; 2022-2023 Snowy season is added to the E5 Snowway. You can experience speed and passion at that time!

Upgrade 4: Terrocence Park, feel free -fashioned pleasure

The topographic park of Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort has attracted the attention and expectations of Snow Friends. The 2022-2023 snow season will meet you with a new look. At the same time, the single -board park dragging has also made corresponding improvements. Regardless of whether you are skiing or free "great god", the topographic park must not be missed!

Upgrade 5: One -stop service of commercial town upgrades, shopping, entertainment, catering

2022-2023 Snowy Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort Commercial Town has added more well-known trendy ski brands. The catering is upgraded, and the northeast special iron pot is stewed into a commercial town to experience a different Northeast style!

Upgrade 6: Traffic Traffic reasonable and convenient

Tonghua direct flight: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Dalian, Harbin, Xi'an

Tonghua and stop routes: Guangzhou, Taizhou, Chongqing

On the basis of the original direct flight, the new direct flight of the 2022-2023 snow season: Shanghai-Tonghua

Provide Xueyou with more reasonable and convenient transportation travel!

Address: Group 10 Group 10 of Jinchang Town Town Town Tonghua City

Hot Spring Consultation Tel: 0435-6119999

Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort official phone: 400-6784888

Source of some materials: Changchun Lotus Mountain Resort Tourism Bureau, Changchun Lotus Mountain Batu Lu Park, Wanfeng Tonghua Ski Resort

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